In a nutshell

What began as a mission to simplify the process of researching and comparing products turned into a global name and disruptive force in consumer decision making.


Understanding the little details is key when making any big decision. Our expert team of researchers leave no stone unturned with every product and service we review. We dig deep so you can make those important decisions with the utmost confidence.

Reviews You Can trust

Providing in-depth and trustworthy reviews is at the heart of everything we do at ComparisonGenius. We want to know the great, the good, and the bad so you have the full picture view before making a decision. These detailed reviews allow us to provide reliable and accurate comparisons that can be accessed with just a couple of clicks.



These should be the only type of customers your brand wants from us.  And if you think about it, we are all now trained to research before deciding what to buy or what service to sign up for. Whether its who to refinance a mortgage with, which auto lender will approve you or the best VPN to use. We get it and we get infront of those customers and show your brands.